FBA Toolkit: Is It The Most Straightforward Product Research Tool?

2 April 20

fba toolkit review

When starting an Amazon business and you have your product research tool, the only worry will be whether the tool can help you get what you want. Another factor may be whether you will learn how it functions quickly. For this reason, we chose to review one tool, FBA toolkit , for you and let you make the choice.

FBA Toolkit Capabilities

The FBA tool is common for its three most typical features. The features are namely the sales rank item, the product listing analysis tool, and product tracking tool.

 The sales ranking tool provides you with sales data for every product daily. This means that you get to know how your listing performs daily.

The list analysis tool allows you to upload ASINs or EANs spreadsheets alongside estimated costs. Further, the list analysis tool will give you the prospected sales rate, running offers, and markup.

The tracking tool keeps track of your listing’s sales trend, inventory, and product price. This tool gives you a clear picture of the state of your product.

With a clear understanding of the features of this tool, you also need to understand how it functions.

Using FBA Toolkit

For you to get the sales estimates, below are several steps to use your FBA tool kit :

Scroll down to the product’s information section and look for the best sellers rank. Once you have found the category based on the best sellers rank you are targeting type it in the toolkit’s input box, press go. The tool will then reveal the estimates of sales for the next thirty days for your listing.

Pricing of FBA Toolkit

FBAtoolkit has five categories of pricing. There is the “scouter plan," whose first is a free trial. Later the plan will cost a monthly charge of $5. This plan allows you to track up to 10 products. You also get ASIN scans of up to 100 every day. Moreover, you get up to 100 price list rows every day. This plan is for allowing you to acquaint yourself with the tool and its capabilities before moving to an even more promising plan.

The second plan is ”Start” at a monthly subscription of $50. The plan is only available for only. With this plan, you can scan up to 500 barcodes each day. The tool allows you to track up to 250 products and give you price lists rows of up to 1000 each day. Moreover, you can access every product you tracked on the website.

Another plan is "Business" that costs up to $250 every month. You can track 2500 products and get product list rows of up to 5000 each day. Every product you tracked is available to your access. More interesting is that you can scan up to 1000 barcodes every day. The business plan on Amazon FBA toolkit is only available for

The enterprise plan is the fourth plan on the FBA toolkit. The most interesting thing about this tool is that it is available in 8 of Amazon's marketplaces. You also get training and support from the team. Enterprise plan allows you to track up to 10,000 products. You get up to 15000 rows of price lists. Moreover, you will get the merchant sales volume. Lastly, you can scan up to 2000 ASINs in a day.

The last plan is the "Elite" plan. This plan, like the enterprise plan, is available for up to 8 of Amazon's major marketplaces. This plan is pretty good for your business since you can track up to 30,000 products. You have access to up to 50,000 price lists each day. You can also scan up to 5000 barcodes. Moreover, you have access to extended reports, and all products tracked on the tool kit. This tool allows you to do extensive research on your products by giving you access to in-depth historical data.


A good product research tool allows you to get deep into understanding the potential of the product without too much hassle. This FBA toolkit review gives you a dive into a tool with such capabilities. This is an impeccable tool tailored for your FBA business. The tool specifies the most products you can track, the barcodes you can search, and the marketplaces the toolkit favors.


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