Jungle Scout Review: The Best research tool to use on Amazon

18 March 20

Before joining Amazon as a vendor, you will have to choose the product's type you will be retailing. Most online shoppers indeed purchase items through Amazon. Nevertheless, there are millions of products flooding the market and are sold at lower prices. To be prosperous, you either have to sell your items at the lowest price or join product categories with fewer competitors. Amazon tools like Jungle Scout can assist in researching the market to know the items you can sell and attract more buyers and earn a good income.

How do We Define Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout can be defined as a web analytical tool that Amazon vendors use when they want to make a cognizant decision on the types of items to sell on the platform.

It offers its users up-to-date information by analyzing significant data like review numbers, seller rank, and numerous factors that enable a seller to know the estimated number of sales one can make when selling a specific product. Using the data provided to you by jungle scout will allow you to pick the finest item to sell, and you might end up being a popular seller.

Jungle Scout Extension Lite

Discover Profitable Items That Sell On Amazon

Nearly all Amazon vendors can attest that there is a high level of competition in the marketplace every day. Never assume that if you see a certain product as a high sales, you can join the product category and start selling immediately. Many activities transpire behind the scene on Amazon and if not keen, you may hardly notice. Avoid product Category with many sellers retailing at lower prices because that means high competition. With information from Jungle Scout, you can avoid entering such categories.

Through Jungle Scout Estimator, you can get information regarding how certain items are selling. You might have designed or innovated a new item on the market, but no one notices or is willing to purchase it. But one thing you have to know there are shoppers on Amazon that might get interested in your items. Moreover, you might use Jungle Scout to get information regarding high selling items and look for ways you can design or improve those products and make them unique. Doing that differentiates you from other sellers, and you might end up attracting more buyers.

Jungle Scout App vs. Chrome Extension

You can access Jungle Scout in two ways. The first way is a web application with full features that you can sign into and use any browser. The second way is accessing it through a browser extension. Most individuals use chrome extension more because it allows them to access the data they need while navigating Amazon searching for the items to retail. You may choose to use both options but unfortunately, you will be forced to purchase both of them separately.

  • Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout as a Niche Hunter feature that allows the users to know certain information like the Item categories you are interested in, average price and sales, and other important factors that can assist you in discovering more opportunities offered by Amazon. It will show you the top 10 list of average product prices when you search for a product using a certain keyword. When you are searching for the average units sold regarding a certain product, jungle scout is the Amazon tool you can depend on. It will show you the number of units that got sold for the past one month.

  • Keywords

Sometimes you may want to find the keywords that you will use to market your product. You don’t need to worry more because jungle scout is at your service. It has a keyword tab that allows you to search for the best keywords you can use when selling a certain product. With the feature, you can form your list of phrases in which you can use to evaluate different Item Ideas that you can quickly use to sort linked keywords.

  • Product Database

Through this jungle scout feature, you can quickly search and filter through Amazon database containing information about millions of products on the marketplace. It allows you to search by narrowing down and filtering the listing the way you like.


You cannot compare Jungle scout with other Amazon analytical tools. The tool enables you to easily analyze your competitors and track products and check how they perform with time. The findings will help you to make better decisions regarding your online business.  

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