The Best Amazon Product Research and Finder Tools to Use

7 March 20

Using the right Amazon tool can assist any seller in finding new product categories, structure competitive marketing strategies, track the different items other vendors sell, and have the general information regarding the marketplace. It would be very difficult to do all the activities mentioned above using your spreadsheet. With the use of research tools offered by Amazon, you can find data that can help you to plan and implement new selling strategies quickly.

Tools to Use When Researching Product on Amazon

Every vendor that depends on Amazon to sell different items requires every assistance available to ensure that their business runs effectively. The sellers find it easy to use the platform if they can easily search and identify products, receive tips, updates, and notifications regarding their product sales and trending activities on Amazon. The good news is that; there are many amazon product research tools available at your disposal anytime you want to use them. This article highlights different seller tools that you can use when researching for Amazon products.

  • Jungle Scout

When you ask most Amazon sellers around the globe which product research tool they have used frequently, they would certainly tell you Jungle Scout. The tools help its users to get more opportunities on the platform by minimizing the risk associated with doing business online and ensuring that the sellers maximize the opportunity to make a good profit. You can access the tool on your browser, and it is also available as a chrome extension.

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With the tool, you can effortlessly track your competitor undertakings, check your product reviews, projected sales, and prices. Moreover, the tool can assist you to discover profitable products and niches that are available on Amazon. You can find the tool useful when you want to discover profitable items, track competitors' actions, and search for information about different products.

  • Opportunity Finder

Another Jungle scout tool that most Sellers find very important because it helps them to discover product niches that attract more sales and profits. With Opportunity Finder, you can quickly narrow down the keywords that are trending on Amazon at the present moment for products that are high on demand but faces little competition. Moreover, the tools will display for you charts and graphs showing an analysis of product sales trends over a certain period.

  • Scope

It is rated to be among the top tool that you can use for Amazon product research. The tool has features that will show you the keywords that are ranked as the best regarding specific products. With that information, you can easily structure a promotion strategy that might improve your search rank on Amazon.

With the tool, you can swiftly check the sales estimates, fee charges, and price of any product available on the Amazon listing. You can use the tool to filter information regarding product review, sellers’ number, and sales rank. Moreover, the tool has an added advantage because it has a profit calculator. That is a feature that allows you to estimate the amount of profit that you might earn by selling a certain product.

  • AMZ Tracker

The tool offers Amazon users with reports that tell you how your item is ranked for certain search terms. AMZ Tracker assists sellers in discovering and knowing the reason why some items are not selling. With the information, sellers will structure a new way to market their products and improve sales.

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  • MerchantWords

With the tool, you can easily attract Amazon shoppers. The company claims that its tool has the biggest keyword database used by most buyers. They have been tracking and discovering keywords on Amazon from 2012. With the tool, you can track keywords that shoppers from different countries use. That enables you to easily identify and attract your target market, depending on the country you want to make sales.

  • Keyword Inspector

It is rated as one of the best amazon product research software because it is a suite of tools. With Keyword Inspector, you can quickly discover the keywords that most shoppers use when they are searching for the specific type or category of items you are selling. It offers you the opportunity to discover keywords that are related to your products. Additionally, the tool can ensure that individuals within your target market easily notice your items.

Final words

Any seller on Amazon will find the Amazon product research tools to be effective and beneficial to them. If you have not used any of those research tools, select the one that has features that you require for your business and get started. You can use the free trial period and check if it will improve your business. 

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