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24 February 20

Like everyone else, we already read feedback from testers of a product before deciding whether to invest your money. In fact, this is a critical aspect of item evaluation as it helps to pinpoint certain pitfalls one May experience while utilizing the item. Unfortunately there are fake feedback designed to mislead purchasers. These fake comments, images, demonstrations are paid for by the merchants in order to sell their spoofy wares. Everyone knows how hurtful negative feedback can be. And we have researched to keep reviews under control.

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How exactly does an Amazon review checker work?

Review checkers are revolutionary tools that you can use to help safeguard your hard-earned reputation by verifying whether or not reviews are authentic. There are many types which essentially use the same mechanism: inserting the url of the item or website seller wishes to analyze. In Amazon’s case, simply pick up the amazon affiliate urls, the copy-paste it to the review checker. Hit summarize & the review finder will bifurcate comments into negative or positive

List Of The Best Amazon Review Checkers

AMZ Reviews tracker         

AMZ reviews tracker is built to help you tackle negative reviews & respond to them. With AMZ reviews tracker, you can engage notifications to assist in your customer debacles in swift fashion. It is so reliable & a popular feature for many Amazon categories in the marketplace.


Developers of ProductReviewMonitoring capitalize on the problem besetting business owners of the importance of caregiving and listening to shoppers. Since its inception in 2016, the sole preoccupation of this software is automating the shopper review & to generate intelligible answers to debacles emanating from feedback.

Merch Check

Merch Check is a chrome tool that helps you to corroborate the copyright of sentences & phrases inputted automatically with TESS information – the database of officially ratified trademarks. Any penned review which is an exact duplicate of your item’s trademark is rapidly spotted & it springs up into action to determine whether it is copy-pasted.


The application, BQool assists with compiling and organizing all feedback penned on your item for the last 90 days. You can switch on notifications to alert you to stay sharp when someone posts a review about your enterprise. There are times when bad reviews may be seen as a benefit to your work. And if replied on time and to the satisfaction of buyers, things can be rosy again. The BQool automated feature serves to help respond rapidly to raised issues.


Fakespot remains an industry leader in combating the debilitating effects of fake feedback. Analyze item reviews quickly using fakespot innovative tech which scans millions of items for expedited, malicious reviews within a fraction of a second. This AI is free to use & determines the most positive reviews in order foster credibility on items to improve it volume of sales.

Final note

Lemons are rife on Amazon & the only way to solve the mystery is by using a reliable review checker. To most retailers doing research, fake reviews are almost always believe that a rapid peep at 4- to 5-star rated product & you they are convinced. Save thousands of dollars today by going with the best Amazon review checkers.


How can one decipher whether an Amazon review is legit?

There are so many telltale signs of a fake review. For one, perfect 5 star reviews are a no-no, long litany of comments saying regular everyday words repeatedly also shows that something is amiss with the item. Honest reviews are thoughtfully written & describe a few rough edges around the product. Quality reviews can be brief too with spelling and errors, usually written like the buyer was in a hurry.

Amazon reviews: are they reliable?

Amazon reviews constitute what is known as social proof. People think that if a product satisfies it users then it’s good for them too. It shows the credibility of an item at a glance.

Are there fake Amazon reviews?

Yes. There are droves of fake reviews on amazon. These comments can be posted by brand employees, remunerated persons, or anyone with keen interest in making money by misleading other people.

Meta description: Have you bought a fake item during your Amazon item analysis & are looking for a way to spot fake buyer comments? Read on learn how to never get reeled in by malicious, misleading comments concealed as authentic.

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